Mckesson Hydrocellular Silicone Foam Dressing,7

Mckesson Hydrocellular Silicone Foam Dressing,7" X 7",Without Border,10/Pack,20Pk/Case,4865

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McKesson Hydrocellular Silicone Foam Dressing affixes securely to dry, intact skin and seals the wound margins to help prevent exudate from leaking on surrounding tissue, minimizing the risk of maceration


Its perforated silicone gel adhesive provides gentle but firm adhesion

Soft silicone minimizes pain to patients and trauma to wounds upon removal.McKesson Hydrocellular Foam Dressing HighlightsSacral AdhesiveBacteria resistantMaintains a moist wound environmentAbsorbent inner hydrocellular foam padHighly conformable and remains intact on skin